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NIM Design is a multi-brand company specializing in ready-to-wear.

The clothing and fashion accessories are made, manufactured and made in Belgium.

Since 07/02/2023 the company NIM Design has been recognized by the FPS Economy as a certified company in Walloon craftsmanship, handmade and on Belgian territory.

Several hats but a single ideology, the company NIM Design works its new confections on the basis of fabrics from organic farming and/or on the basis of the principle of Upcycling.

Organic farming everyone knows what we are talking about but what is Upcycling?

Upcycling is the principle of upcycling or rewarding recycling, it consists of recovering fabric coupons from our confections and/or from the various fashion houses with which it is no longer possible to create a series of clothes. We transform and revalue them in order to bring out another product of superior quality or utility. It is therefore a recycling from above.
Buying Upcycling products allows you to consume in a more sustainable way and limit the impact on our planet. This allows us to consume more responsibly by reducing stocks of unsold fabrics and also reduces the environmental impact of our production and the textile industry. Thanks to this principle, our products made with the Upcycling method guarantee you a unique made product! Only you will wear it!

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